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Live and Help live

@Plink we understand that while striving for our own growth it is necessary to strive for the needy. We understand this responsibility towards the development of our society and have pledged 10% of our annual profits towards charity.

We are currently supporting two projects from the corpus generated from it:

Pledge a tree Movement Initiated by Sajith, this project aspires to increase the green cover of Gujarat in collaboration with likeminded individuals, NGOs, companies and government. As a part of our first project over 2000 trees are being planted to create a mini forest in Bandhini Village near Anand.

Niradhar Balsanopan Anath Ashram Mrs. Malan, better known as Aai (Mother in Marathi), runs this orphanage that provides shelter and schooling to over 30 children from her home at Gulab Kate Chawl in Dapodi, Pune. We assist them monetarily by providing the school fees for students studying in Higher Secondary School.

Other than these Plinkers are also individually attached to other social activities.



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